“Hi Steve…
Just wanted to thank you for writing the book “Total Body Transformation”!

I have led a fairly active life over the years – running, lifting weights, triathlons (many years ago) and some adventure activities in Canada (I’m originally Canadian now living in Northern California after 12 years in New Mexico) – but durning the last several years I had been very sporadic in my training and diet allowing myself to gain weight and loose fitness.

At the age of 57 I find myself in a transformational period in my life and I’ve found your book very motivating and grounding. I love your approach and have begun to follow the Green Tara program in your book – my challege has been the High Performance Yoga® program – the sun salutations are fine but many of the other poses are difficult for me to master as my shoulders,hips, hamstrings and lower back are very tight – parsva malasana is a total no go and in halasana my feet are still quite away from touching the flower – as you can imagine virasana is pretty intense as well – so as my yoga journey is just beginning – I am happy to try to master the suggested poses and will continue to do so as I understand this is part of the process- but I was wondering if you have any suggestions regarding beginner poses that might help me transition from my current level of flexibility.

Thanks again for an amazing book!…

Sincerely…John Saville”

Most Noble Warrior of Wholeness,

THANK YOU for choosing to share your insights!

ilg’s counsel is:
subscribe to DL,
consider Online Training after you finish all the programs in TBT,
most of all;
hang in there…within the restrictions lies your Highest and Most Sacred Summits…

remember, NO ONE was more inflexible than your ol’ coach here; i was paralyzed!
if ilg can slowly over the decades make rich, wonderful inroads into my restrictions of body/mind/spirit…

ilg KNOWS a Warrior of your Caliber sure can!

pace yourself toward Enlightenment…remember that the Jewel lies in the Process, not results!!!

head bowed and Dharma Blessings upon thy Practice and May you realize your Practice everywhere,

coach ilg
founder/ Wholistic Fitness® & High Performance Yoga®

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