So the other week, i got this in my Inbox from Student Rich Paul…

“HP Prop Yoga is the ticket.”
WF Student, Rich Paul…cranking out an HP PROP WORKOUT at 58 3/4 years young,

“So, i took the
HP PROP YOGA DVD off the shelf where it has sat for about 2 years. Well, it took me a month of doing the “Core Only” portion nearly 6 days a week before i felt i was worthy to do the whole DVD. Now for the last 2 weeks i have done 2 Full Sessions a week, Thursday and Sunday along with daily Core Only. i love the way my body has responded. i might be 30 years younger! After the HP Prop Workout, during the rest of the day my whole body feels so muscular, light and thin…it makes me 40 years younger for the whole day! What am i telling you for, you already know! i should be telling my sons! Now i look forward to those 2 days like i do my EMR! Hope my sons do not wait until they retire before they tuff out the beginning to find the diamond at the end. – Namaste, student rp.”

Then, upon my return from Imogene Pass Race, i get this from him;

Student RP in his WF Sport Jersey, with Mt. Baker. How much do love this Noble Warrior, Sangha??!

Dear Coach,
Here is some information about the 542 ride that i danced this weekend as you were also doing your uphill dance.

If you are interested: http://www.norkarecreation.com/hcmap&profile.htm

This is my 3rd year doing this ride.

The first two almost killed me.

This year i only had 2 months to get ready and no time to get on my bike to train.

So with the help of spin classes and 2 months to work out the HP Yoga, which was the “core” of the training, i made it to the top dancing on the peddles just like Alberto Contador.

Did not feel anyway near my 58 & 3/4 years of age yesterday.

There is no way in hell i would have believed that i would enjoy a 24 mile hill climb.

HP Prop Yoga is the ticket.

– your student, RP”

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