Namaste Most Noble Coach Ilg ~
knock..knock on the temple door….”knock…knock” has inspired me – what an incredible post on your facebook page!

steve and i have received a big “knock knock” on our door and are fostering our twin nephews during this time of confusion and heart ache in their lives. we are here to serve them during this time where all they need is love. every day i am challenged, every day i am taught, every day i am nothing compared to what those young men are becoming.

thank you for your inspiration always.
much love,
student s


Hi Steve –
We haven’t met. I’m a fan of your WF coaching, and working week 3 of Green Tara from your TBT book.

I also bought a couple of your DVD’s and read you mentioning your Facebook page in your DL blog.

Anyway, I would like you to know your coaching has had a positive impact on me. It’s made me see the value in a lot of things I’ve thought were true but had never made conscious priorities.

I’m a 51 year old accountant in the Chicago area, non-athlete most of my life. Always been a reader and developed my mind at the expense of my body. I took up tae kwon do when I was 39 and did that for 5 years, then nothing for a year but put on weight, then took up running. Did 9 marathons in four years, and started triathlons and adventure races, but that was curtailed when a herniated disc killed a nerve in my left leg, which activates the calf raise/ run push off. That nerve has not regrown in three years and may not. Got the herniated disc clean up, but the doctor said I had another disc bulging that I need to watch, and advised never running more than half a mile.

Subsequent I tried to do weights, some cardio and some stretching, and found your book which picks up those things and adds many other things I know I need, like yoga asana and philosophy, meditation, which I had done since college, nutrition, love of the earth, avoiding alcohol. It hits a lot of chords, including that fact that you rose up from an injury to achieve significant wholeness.

I’ve made some good progress and hope to make a lot more. Just want you to know that you are helping people.

Peace, brother

COACH’s NOTE: i did respond to Brian’s letter and told them that in WF Philosophy, we do not ‘avoid’ alcohol or anything else for that matter. all we do is what the Buddha advised; Question Everything. so long as we continue to do the Practices inherent to a WF Lifestyle, eat our SUNRIDER Herbs, take our MAP Amino Acids, and keep QUESTIONING our habitual patterns and negative tendencies – including alcohol, Lateral Dominance, obsessive sport specificity or whatever – then our Pursuit of Wholeness shall result in a higher Pranic Saturation/Constitution and, thus, over time…all will become a Path of Awakening and grist for the mill of our Enlightenment. again, in WF, we do not ‘push away’ or suffocate our desires and tendencies; we Study them like Scientists of Self, accept them as Teachers, do the Practices and Trust that our Prayers shall be answered.


Dear Coach,

I was driving home two nights ago getting ready for this weekend’s full and half Long Beach Marathon and you popped into my mind with thoughts of thanks. My groups constantly reaps the benefits of training under your guidance. Namaste, namaste, namaste.



PS. I PR’d in the half with a 1:40:57

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