It’s very easy to ‘overthink’ WF.

Those who are overwhelmed by the notion of WF need to stop overthinking…a predictable tendency among us Westerners. Instead, read the WF Sutras as i’ve written TOTAL BODY TRANSFORMATION. Read the chapter on WF Lifestyle Principles. Or, even less expensive, visit the WF SanghaLounge and read my Introductions to each Noble WF Fitness Discipline and Lifestyle Principle. Do that? You will never workout – or work within – the same way ever again.

TBT has now become the bible of personal fitness trainers and even some open-minded yogis that understand the genius of Wholistic Fitness®. Most of them don’t acknowledge publicly their embrace of WF and that is sad to me as it’s creator, then again, i put out WF back in 1982 to help people as my Karma Yoga path, not to become famous. So, on the spiritual level, it’s all go(o)d to me. Ripples make waves.

WF is a most practical, simple, powerful yet very steep and direct Path toward Personal Transformation. I say it’s steep because the 4 Lifestyle Principles of WF constantly ground and re-ground our ‘spiritual work’ through continual Awareness of very mundane actions such as Word Choice, Conscious Breath, Conscious Posture, etc. It is also a very available Path…with just the purchase of a book and a couple of DVDs you – like student BG below – can create an amazingly effective fitness week that immediately begins working right where we suffer most…that is what WF is all about; attacking our weaknesses and promoting passionate balance.

check out BG’s self-made WF Training Program below and let me know how YOU respond to it!

Happy, wholesome (w)wholidays to all of you who treasure sweat and spirit…

coach ilg


El Coache,
Here is my revised WF Training Week based on your input:

Monday- OFF

Tuesday- HP PROP (FULL)

Wednseday- Kinlani Flow + Cardio (Short & Sweet)

Thursday- HP Prop (ABS) + Zazen

Friday- HP Basic Strength

Saturday- Kinlani Flow + Cardio (Long)

Sunday- Kinlani Flow + Cardio (Tempo/Interval)

Will try and work in more Zazen as I TAF possible. Awareness all-ways!!!

Head Bowed,

humble student bg

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