Your M(om)ent of Zen…

Published on Nov 08, 2009 by in Baby Dharma


Noble Sangha,
i spent about 6.5 hours yesterday compiling and editing a years worth of ‘baby footage’ trying to
get Dewah’s 1-2 year time frame condensed into an hour long DVD for my family before thanksgiving.

New Parents, i know you know what ilg means; this is BRUTAL EDITING!!! it’s an excellent spiritual exercise however…kinda like ‘what clips of our life’ will flash before our minds as we enter the Bardo?

Here’s one that ilg truly will attempt to bring to the surface from my recollections while in this incarnation…

May a smile cross your heart and may all Chi-ldren know Love, warmth, affection, and care…

head bowed,

coach, Ananda, and Dewachen

footage dug out from March, 2009:

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