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Dear Steve,
In your LifeWork, I have discovered something that truly speaks to me. It is rather difficult to explain the excitement and the enthusiasm I feel as I devour word after word and digest your philosophy and teachings. I have been continually striving along a path of enlightenment and reaching deep within to discover the true warrior within myself. I believe what I have discovered in crossing your path is a more appropriate path to discovering and defining my true self. This is what I truly feel from my core and for this I humbly bow to you. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me. I look forward to this new journey of Wholistic Fitness and humbly look forward in sharing the path with you as Coach, Mentor and Friend. Thank you.

In health and gratitude,

above photo:
I knew Dewa had once again spotted Grandmother Moon last evening as i heard her shrill scream of joy, “THA!!!!!!” and saw her pointing toward our beautiful, floaty Grandmother. “Tha” means “Moon” in Sanskrit. HaTha Yoga refers to the Union of Sun & Moon which has layered philosophical meaning.

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