My most precious daughter Dewachen,
you’ve been running a fever now for nearly three days. you are pretty miserable yet you don’t complain. you look at Amma and i with such confusion from your tear-stained, feverish cheeks, asking, “Why?”

in our Tradition of WF, sweetheart, we train ourselves and our students not to even use the Word Choice, “Problems.” for nothing truly is a ‘problem’ as much as it is an opportunity for enhancing our strength; physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. often, ‘problems’ improve each of those uniquely Human qualities. instead of using the word, “problems” we use the word, “challenge” or “opportunity” or something like that.

one day, you’ll probably giggle at this story;
because your Amma and Abba chose not to vaccinate you, we came up with a different term for what people call, “colds” or “illness”…we call them, IDEO’s. it stands for: Immune Developmental Enhancement Opportunity. we have even taught it to our Students! the Teaching in this new term is to re-mind us that colds and sickness are not problems to be solved. they are more like barbells to be lifted to make us stronger.

i know it must be so hard;
you’ve just arrived a little over 2 years ago from the Astral Plane where sickness, snakes, bugs, and all the crazy Dualities inherent to a Human Incarnation do not exist.


Darling Dewa,
we can never run away from problems…if we try, we will continue to face the same type of problem(s) over and over and endlessly over again – this lifetime or another – until we finally do what it takes from deep within us to arise to the curriculm. seeing you with this fever, for example, is really, really perfect training for me. do you know i lived my whole life, creating an ideal – although selfish – fitness lifestyle for myself? for over 45 years, i made sure i did not need to have my ‘spiritual practice’ contain anything close to nursing a feverish, small child or trying to provide money for a family! why, doing so would take me away from what i loved to do; skiing, climbing, cycling, meditating, traveling, having all sorts of focused fun in the outdoors and making sure i had plenty of meditation time to work on my own Path toward Enlightenment.

yet, here i find myself…
helping as best i can your m(om) to nurse you through these days of fever, right smack in the middle of my most intense racing season. it’s so hard to focus on anything when you are hurting! it is soooeasy for me to stomp around the house saying, “Oh man! This SUCKS!” then, my Witnessing/Higher Self immediately comes in,

“It doesn’t ‘suck’ you feeble yogi, you! this is precisely what you need to learn to ‘be with’! If you truly want Enlightenment, you better practice being strong and elegant and helpful right now! Equanimity is required for Enlightenment; so compose Thyself and practice your Family Yoga, now!”

Problems are our closest and most effective teachers. When we finally realize the Teaching of our challenges (aka; the solutions to our problems), we advance to the next Teaching; wiser, stronger, and that much closer toward Enlightenment. Precious Gem of My Life; the ‘problems’ will never stop…at least, not until Enlightenment, so please do not think that when you run into a problem in school, for instance, that simply switching schools will solve the problem. it won’t. that is (Human) life; it’s only through seeming mistakes and apparent injustice that we learn equanimity and compassion. truly, Daughter, there are no mistakes…there are no problems. why would we think falling down is a problem or a mistake? it’s how everyone learns to walk!

Problems develop inner resource; self-confidence. don’t ever expect a ‘problem free’ life, okay? what a horrible hell that would be if there were no obstacles in life to deepen our Joy and sense of Rising Higher!

One of our Gurus* puts it this way,

“Take a seed, for example. If the seed is left on a plate, it will just remain there. It won’t grow. If you dig a hole and bury it, the seed then faces a ‘problem’: ‘How can I get sunlight? I am buried. I can’t sleep here. I must get out.’ And in its effort to escape, the seed reveals the beautiful tree within…every problem is there to help you bring forth you own capabilities.”

My Precious Lotus Eyed Rinpoche,
do not worry, many others will help you Rise Above the inevitable obstacles in front of you. many have already traveled the Terrain before you and can help by sharing how they managed that Terrain. although others can’t solve your problems (you wouldn’t them to!), they can tell you how they handled similar Terrain.

i know from experience how easy it is to blame others for our problems; it’s human nature to do that. the Truth is that we must learn to look within to find out the cause, the root of our ‘problems.’ do not think that anything is “good” or “bad” by nature…by nature, everything is neutral. some people think that lots of snow and cold is “bad weather.” for skiers, snow and cold is a great miracle full of fun and sacred joy! for Tree Beings, snow and cold keeps them healthy and keeps the pests which hurt them away. weather is never “good” or “bad” it is just weather. we must weather the weather whether we would whether or not! same thing with everything; even a fever for days; it’s not “good” or “bad”…it is what it is – a dance of intensity without special interest in rewarding you or harming you.

God only sees that we Humans get an appropriate reaction to our actions. That is called, Karma. What we sow, we reap. That is God’s way; we don’t need to praise God for happiness or blame Her for unhappiness. We are the cause of It All…

Abba loves you soooo much and looks forward to when your fever breaks and we can play again!

* Sri Swami Satchidanda

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  2. coach says:

    Precious EYT,
    proud of your mining the depths of WF! just re-kindled this Teaching for those not as inspired as Thee!

    head bowed,
    spirit vowed,


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