he’s baaaaaack!

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talk about some Shiva Dancing!

first, on the morning i left for Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon*, when i had put in 3 hours of pre-addressed emails and business so i could have a stress-free and timely departure for Tisdool**; my internet connection combusted…then, while away taking care of the ‘real business’ at Tsilool, Maha Manas (WF Master Student and new WF.com Chief Mike Singer) started to realize how deeply steep the WF Gods test those who wish to Serve WF to the masses! WF.com, both DL and iDL and Joy’s old Blog got hacked by some Brazillian-based pro hackers…Maha probably put in 30 hours of Karma Service for all of us…we have upgraded the software to the latest version, so there might be some wrinkles to iron out. email me if you encounter any issues.

Using only his Love for WF (he is unpaid at this point) Maha had to research the hacked sites and make it all bulletproof again;


he wrote me today:


I just turned the SanghaLounge back on. As the documentation mentioned, after the upgrade it looks like people will have to generate new passwords. So you might either mention this in DL, or send an email to all your DL subscribers/Sunrider downline (anyone who should have access to the Sangha Lounge) and let them all know.

Here’s what to do:

From the main Lounge page, click “Login” on the right.
Click “I forgot my password”
Enter your user name and email address
Look for an email in your In box or Junk Mail folder that contains your new password AND a confirmation link.
Click the confirmation link, and your new password will be activated.
You can then login using this new password.
You can change your password by going to User Control Panel/Profile tab/Edit account settings.

That’s it. (Note that the email with the new password is from me because I’m the forum admin now instead of Hak. We’ll change it to a WF.com email account eventually.)

Hopefully everything else will work fine. If not, we’ll continue to rise to the challenges!



so, let me elbow my way through one heccuva InBox and
you can look forward to DL’s all about Mt. Taylor including interviews with my Championship Partner Dara and the amazing pilgrimage of Fit Kit who survived Taylor and lived to tell about it!

dang, it’s great to be back with my Tribe!
each of you are precious…
thank you for your Practice of Patience and stalwart support of


* we crushed it!
** Native name for Mt. Taylor; preferred among WF Yogis

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