You are truly missed {here in Flagstaff} and thought of often.

I re~member you and Joy all~ways.

You guys were instrumental in assisting me to new levels of in~sight, health and well~be~ing.

Sending full love and appreciation for your influence in my life~


The matless one

coach’s postscript: in-Deed, my Precious Yogini Chels quickly bid adieu to her sticky mat about 2 months into our two-year Practice together…no matter how sweaty, how slippery our HP Yoga Sacred Sweatfests became – even during my infamous HP PROP® Workouts – never did the Pranic Princess Chels resort to using a sticky mat. ilg bows. (for purposes of Instruction, especially during PROP Workouts, i will often teach using a sticky mat. in Solo Practice however, ilg rarely uses one)

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