Because Warriorship is our Birthright!

ilg likes it!

what do YOU TAF?
let me know in the SanghaLounge…
that might just be my next WF T-shirt/bumper sticker!

Hey Coach!

I can’t get over how cool it is to email with you. Thanks for sending out the HP Yoga Basic Strength DVD today– REALLY looking forward to it. Actually, I just bought the HP Prop DVD .

Thanks also for the 20% discount offer, but no need: it’s worth every penny and I want to support what you’re doing because I think it is very valuable.

I wrote my master’s thesis on the social and cultural history of physical fitness in this country, and I can tell you from a fairly unique perspective that it is very important for you to keep doing what you are doing.

There’s enough people making plenty of money off baseball players and helping meatheads confirm that they are “tough”. You are one of the few voices out there telling the shy, obese freshman or the meek housewife that they have warriorship as their birthright. I’ll donate my 20% back to you, for them.

However, if it’s not asking too much, what I would definitely say yes to is an autograph. I don’t know if you’re able to do that sort of thing, but if there’s a way to sign the DVD to Matt and Jenn, that would be awesome.

Thanks again for being a hero who doesn’t disappoint,

Matt B
New Haven, CT

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