Awakening Found

Published on Apr 23, 2010 by in Student Testimonials

when the Student, Teacher, and Path merge…there is Awakening. above, Bryan Bishop, who helped produce our new WF CookBook, stands tall in the Chi of It All.


i can’t believe i forgot to tell you that back in January i was looking for a workout that was focused on strengthening muscles that i needed for climbing and backpacking this summer, when out of nowhere i stumbled upon “The Outdoor Athlete”, ok so i was kind-of looking for it ;-). i can’t believe i found a copy of it. Anyway, the workouts for the backpacking and climbing have immensely helped me in my training, so much that i was flying away from my hiking partners this past weekend. So again (i don’t know how many times i can say this) THANKS!


PS i love the hair and the outfits in that book! :-)

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