“The Path works when you work the Path.” Pictured above; WF Devotee Bryan Bishop of Colorado in yogi squat within his preferred Temple; a top high peaks.


i upped the MAP Amino Acids and have been following your recommended amounts for almost 2 weeks now and i can already feel the difference from before. My energy is up, my endurance in both CV and strength is up. i sleep better, i eat more whole-ly, and i just feel better. i have noticed larger gains in all disciplines, my mind is quieter, my legs are quicker, my body stronger, my muscles more flexible. Thank you for your excellent guidance.

Bryan Bishop

If you are not on MAP Aminos, chances are likely that you are firing way under par in your mastery of food, probably eating too much flesh and diary, and your willingness to meditate is subpar…let alone your fitness performance. In my experience, only after attaining and maintaining a positive nitrogen blanket for the body does the mind become receptive toward the discipline of equanimity and peace. Wouldn’t it be ironic if the key to world peace would be humans in a positive nitrogen balance and fueled by Early Morning Ritual instead of so much caffeine?

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