HP YOGA® baby!!! Living Metta Through Sweat-a!
since 1983

“The Meet-and-Greet with Steve Ilg was very interesting! The guy is amazing, can’t wait to get the practice started! So knowledgeable and passionate!”

– Chris, Durango

Most Precious Warriors Toward Wholeness…

it is my great honor to begin yet another Yoga Program at a world-class training facility…this time, in my own h(om)etown of Durango, Colorado!

Class begin this evening and May The Ancient Enlightened Ones smile at our bravery to work together on our weakness, lazy tendencies, and negative habits.

And may WE smile at the unsurpassed Joy available to each of us when we Wake Up to the realization that having incarnated in a country, in a time, and surrounded by like-minded souls where we have the luxury and the freedom to pursue our unique Paths Toward Enlightenment! Onward, Upward, and Endlessly Inward!!!

HP YOGA® baby!!!
Living Metta Through Sweat-a!

see you in the Practice Cave!

– coach steve ilg

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