Liquid Bread, baby!
Beer; the Breakfast (and sometimes lunch and dinner) of Champions this world over.
Keep your Tapasaya strong, do your prescribed Pranayams and there is no
reason in this world why a WF Warrior cannot benefit from beer.

sign up for a WF Private Intensive here in Durango? yup, you and i will be certain to be taking advantage of Durango’s seven micro-breweries (the current World Champion for dark lager, Durango Brewery is literally a river stone’s throw away from the WF Temple H(om)e beside the Sacred River) as well as Turtle Islands finest WF Restaurant: The Himalayan Kitchen. we might even hook up with Karma to go crank Wham Ridge with this Enlightened Master/Head Chef/Pro Mountain Guide/Delivery Boy/etc., and get BEYOND HIGH! those who pre-judge WF as some sort of a granola-crunching, pale skinned, tepid path of mediocrity have NO IDEA of how much FUN we have dancing in the Realms of genuine whole-listic offerings of this amazing Plane(t)! Life is short: JUMP into a WF Private Intensive and live the Real Possibilities! To experience a WF Private Intensive? email me: steve@WholisticFitness.com


“Dear Coach, after all these years of being inspired by your astonishing love and teachings and encouragements toward wholeness,” wrote a fan recently, “i nominate a new word to replace ‘inspiration’ in the dictionary; Ilgspiration! Thank you for living your Path so fearlessly out front of us all!”

oh such Metta crumbles me with humbleness!

in a very real Way, however, ilg can feel those words…if ilg couldn’t inspire people to smash their perceived boundaries about what is possible within their bodily, mental, and spiritual realms?
why, ilg would be just another happy part-time new-age bookstore clerk like i was in Santa Fe at the worlds finest bookstore/spiritual sanctuary; The Ark. during those spiritually ripe years, i was nicknamed “Triple Digit Ilg” by the Enlightened Owner of The Ark, Jamil…who created Ram Dass’s favorite Turtle Island hang out up at Taos; Lama where a bear once ate the placenta of my friend, Josh Shrei…

those are stories for another time…

okay, here is the scene:
we’ve got a significant sewage ‘challenge’ here in the WF Temple H(om)e.
let’s See it as a karmic cleansing of all those whose rented this amazing River Home
before us, okay? thanks.

thing is; owing to Dewachen’s 2.5 year-young lungs, i’ve commanded Them down to New Mexico to hang with my parents until further notice.

ilg – like all seasoned yogis – is sensitive to …air…ether elements and the pollution of them. abba does NOT want to take a chance on having micro-bacterially borne spores embed themselves within the respiratory exchange tissues of my daughter. i mean, Trust in Brahman, The Sunrider Herbs, and MAP Aminos notwithstanding, it’s still wise for a New Daddy to extract his family from environmental toxicity.

amazing how those Father Genes kick into Action when the time comes, eh?

so, end result?

ilg is ALONE!!!!!!!!!!

I’m ALONE!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

so, after teaching another amazing HP Yoga Slow Flow at The Hub to students who really, honestly, should be teaching ilg a thing or two about a thing or two…

i came home to my precious – albeit slightly sewage-blessed – h(om)e…alone!

to hear the sound of Mother Animas River
beneath a glistening near Full Grandmother Moon…Her precious reflection refracting into ilg’s ever greedy f0r beauty (it’s a Gemini thing) eyes…

so what does an unchained ilg exactly DO on a suddenly bachelor night?

well, first and foremost; order out!

no…definitely NOT chinese.

quite the opposite: Himalayan. see photo caption above.

what to order?

here, write this down:

Sampling platter
Combination of potato salad, chicken Tandoori, vegetable mo-mo, and cheese Pakora served with dipping sauce.

Kachumbar Salad
Diced cucumber, tomato, and onions marinated with lime juice dressing.

Sherpa stew
Simmered chicken, lamb, assorted vegetables, rice, and potato. This dish is often served on trekking routes.

and perhaps MOST important:

Old Monk 10,000 Super Beer!
straight-lined from India, this over-the-top- brew scintillates the senses with an unReal, delicious smack of licorice direct from the laughing Bodhisattva’s of the Dewachen Realm…okay, it’s powerful. and if you train in the way we like to do here in Durango and then saddle up with this Old Monk brew? she might must de-rail your over-thinking mind in a Way just appropriate to your next Breath Higher.

well Kind Kids?

until you’ve merged into that m(om)ent that you know you have broken yet another SACRED SWEAT
have found yet another infinitesimal purchase on your Empty Mind while sitting in Stillness,
spine erect,
breath like wind through Utah Juniper nested beside Sacred River?

May all your breaths be Conscious,
May all your Intuitions be Divine Guided,
May each morsel of thy Sweat be a trigger for s(om)ething Higher,
May my Girls enjoy the Land of Enchantment…

your very feeble Teacher,

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