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my Hopi Brother; Michah. Plant talking. Michah? Not much spiritual ignorance. S(om)ething tells ilg that this Teacher of feeble ilg will soar through the Bardo...

The third type of Avidya (spiritual ignorance) described in this Sutra is my personal favorite; interceptive.

ilg knows what my seasoned warriors are thinking:
1) uh…aren’t yogis trained not to have ‘favorites’…(it fosters Duality)
2) interceptive field of ignorance…uh, say again?

to which i answer:
1) yes and that is why another shining example of why ilg is such a feeble yogi
2) yes, interceptive. ain’t that a great word and notion? ilg loves things that intercept. ilg loves disturbing the predictive.

ilg relates to interceptive fields of ignorance because ilg is a beginning Practitioner along the Path and when we begin to ‘intercept’ arising obstacles toward Enlightened Behavior then the Game REALLY gets pretty fun.

okay, you need an example, don’t you.

i would too.

hmmmm….so, let’s say we are weeding our lawn of Dandy-lions (see DL Archives; The Dandelion King). and there we are pulling and rooting and probably doing all this weeding with our Dominant Hand and really not BEING with the Wholesomeness of the act of weeding which is really sad because we are taking scalps, really, and if we weed without Consciousness then we’re accumulating negative karma by the weedful.

can you see it now?

Scene: The Pearly Gates

St. Peter: Let’s see here…Steve, is it?

Steve: (trembling with Fear) uhhh, yes Sir…err, i mean, Angel…Sir…

St. Peter: (smiling with understanding) Pete, is just fine…

Steve: Oh, yes, of course Sir…err…i mean, P…P…Pete.

St. Peter: now…(he turns to an Ipad he is holding)…looks like here you really tried hard down there on SchoolHouse Earth to do go(o)d…haven’t you?

Steve: (blushing, fidgeting…) well, uh…yes Sir..ooops, i mean Pete…i really did try hard to stick to my SoulWork and help others…

St. Peter: yes, i see that…that whole WF stuff, right?

Steve: yes…Wholistic Fitness…just wait till you meet my Students! i mean, they are totally awesome…Fit Kit, PettiCoat, BB, L’Gate, EK, KonRyu, MahaManas…

St. Peter: (interrupting) uh yes…i have all your Students here and we are following their Lives-On-Earth very closely…

Steve: (sheepishly)…of course you are…i’m sorry…

St. Peter: there is no need to feel remorse…now, anyway, what about those Weed Beings you were pulling up Unconsciously…says here you pulled 1,647 Dandelion Beings without Consciousness…

in order to increase our probability of intercepting Avidya (like yanking up Dandelion Beings without any spiritual connection to the act) Mantra Consciousness is vital. so ilg is yanking up weeds like any other average Joe, thinking about this or that, usually pissed because yanking up weeds is such useless, time-wasting work when fortunately, arising out of the Spirit of Practiced Repetition comes the Thought: Gee, maybe i should use the Mantra to sync up with the pulling of these weeds…
suddenly everything is transformed:


each syllable of the Blessed Mantra is coordinated with the pulling of the Weed Being…and through this process of Mantra arises a spectacular and emotive wave of Beingness…of Compassion…of Love…

inDeed…if we can learn to Intercept the mundane with Mantra?


It All just becomes transformed into a blissful Dance, an extra-ordinary awe-some array, parade, flow of
is not

here is how ilg closed my 3rd HP PROP Workout to the already-at-capacity new Practice Cave in Durango:

ilg: (caked in Sacred Sweat from teaching 1.5 hour incomparable asanic workout/workwithin):

Until we can meet and Dance like this again in the Dharma,
May all thy sweat be sacred,
May your intuition be wise,
May your breath be conscious,
and your words
spoken and unspoken

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