Hello Steve,

I am here on Amazon.com looking at your TBT book that has been praised by many. I have purchased so many books on fitness and thus far none of them have worked. I also have a personal trainer and I have been training now 3x a week for 3 years and I haven’t lost much weight or have I gained much muscle. Oh I am stronger I can bench 240 and I can leg press 505lbs. I think I have lost maybe 10 pounds. I have a conditioned called Klinefelter Syndrome. When I was born I was without the normal level of testosterone; growing up I was in the range of 70 while most males were ranging btwn 400-950. My condition is XXY. I am currently taking testosterone shots and have been doing theat for over 3 years. So my question to you Steve, will your book help me lose weight and not just be strong, but look the part?

Thank you

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Most Precious Tribal Brother Along The Path,

well, no book will do the Work for you.
however, TBT articulates a most beautiful, wise and Prove Path of Wholeness and Healing
through teaching and imparting Sacred Sweat and Stillness.

it’s worth your dinero, trust me. buy the book with High Intent, then, read the introductory chapters, peruse the rest, and get crackin’ on the first program; The Green Tara.

if you survive all four of the programs in TBT, you will be more Whole than ever before,
and you will feel the Light and Wisdom from the Ancient Ones filling your everyday life, transforming it
from the mundane into the miraculous.

all-ways remember, Fellow Seeker, that the Path is wiser than he walks It.

or, as we like to encourage each other in WF; “Walk the Path, until the Path walks you.”

remember, getting on the Sacred Herbs of WF as well as MAP Aminos is a pivotal Key to our Tribe’s unmatched success in harmonizing the regenerative capacities of our physiology. It all starts at the Cell Level!

head bowed and Dharma Blessings upon thy Practice and May you realize your Practice everywhere,

coach ilg

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