what about Tiger?

Published on Apr 15, 2010 by in Coach's Vents


Funny how many people (not Durangatangs) ask me about Tiger.

thing is, it’s none of my business and ilg really doesn’t care that much about sports where there is sooo much money and so little sweat. ilg respects the skill sports, sure. then again, ilg respects a good morning poop, too.

ilg is more stoked with the Av’s squeaking into the Playoffs, and certainly the podium performances of the American Nordic Combined bros, and of my bro Chris Horner at age 38 taking the Tour of the Basque beating Valverde, and…


hey, we’re all addicted.

if not to drugs or sex or gossip or entertainment than we are addicts to our non-dominant hand, our useless Speech and Thought which is not kind, nor helpful, nor true.

we’re all addicts to various kleshas (see current DL Teaching) and lazy tendencies and negative habits. some of us have terminal dis-eases…often unknown, yet. all but the Enlightened are addicts to Desire. so what’s the big deal about Tiger?

does ilg wish he woulda at least changed sports when he chose to Sweat again?
sure, however, Golf is far more of a comfort zone for him than the Terrain he has been recently traveling, so…

until we are free from kleshas we’re all addicts.
so let’s Practice the Teachings of Yogi Jesus, shall we and just work on Forgiveness, Tolerance, and Compassion.



that is all.

May all Tigers Roar Higher than their Kleshas…
May we all!

head bowed,

ps; just back from teaching my 2nd HP PROP WORKOUT here in Durango and already the Durangatangs are ALL OVER IT! had 8 Warriors step up tonight; MAN ALIVE are they strong!! Love them! Love you! Blessings upon thy Sweat…

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