this DL; my final one on Blogger is about this Special Life,
this Special Vibe…
how to say?

THANK YOU for being such a sacred part of my Direct Lines Subscribers….

Yogi Jesus had 12 Discplined Warriors (aka; Disciples)…
Yogi Buddha had 3…

at this M(om)ent as The Journal of Wholistic Fitness (aka; Direct Lines) changes
one more time in my relentless pursuit of the ever accelerating speed of form inherent to Kali Yuga…

ilg has,

i’ll tell you True: 16 of you…

only 16 from the hundreds who ‘watch outside our Tribal Campfire’…each day,
each blog…

from tomorrow forward,
ilg will be giving Thee instruction toward the new
unbelievably precious website of WF.com
via InDirect Lines

watch there for my Guidance into our new WF website
which ALL of you, my precious 16, have FULL access to
and NO ONE else has…

ilg is fine with 16…
how about you?

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

Tashik Delek,

your ever feeble fitness monk known as ilg

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