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Life after Death via the A/B Club Ride on the infamous Breen/Mayday Loop. photo earlier ago by Ananda on the WF Temple H(om)e Stoop(a).
the WF Warrior must accustom themselves to humility. Again, and again, and endlessly again. We continuously stare into the pain of both body and ego given the noble fact that we refuse to specialize in any one sport or discipline, thus a WF Warrior bravely toes Start Lines as an Endless Beginner.
did okay on the ride…got dropped from the A group on Hesperus Hill (see map on link above) along with more than a few others. after the regroup at Mayday, hung tuff until 13k to go and things got detonated as always on the three ‘rollers.’ eventually, i won the sprint from the Lead Chase clocking 38.3mph to win it after 44 miles and 2,425′ of climbing. Thanks MAP Aminos! Thanks HP PROP!
after a ride like this, my stomach usually can’t tolerate any real food. so, ilg does go against the tide of sport nutrition fashion which speaks so highly about ‘refilling the glycogen window immediately’ after a workout like this with all sorts of carbs.
personally, ilg prefers waiting a couple of hours after a ride like this, staying light, enjoying the feeling of emptiness, and then doing Pranayama after i recover a bit. the body deeply treasures and assimilates prana extremely deeply and effectively if one has the will power to hold off eating physical foods after a brutally go(o)d endurance workout. today, ilg even managed to recover enough without eating anything but a PowerBar (Wild Berry, of course) to go take a “Sport Yoga” class offered by a local gym.
although ilg could find not one morsel of reasoning why this was labeled a “Sport Yoga” class, the instructor did just fine and taught a safe, effective asana class. ilg remains open-mouthed agog at just how effective this 6,000 year-old science of asana remains even in America’s watered-down delivery of this Ancient, Wholistic Art and Science of radical self-transformation.
when i do eat s(om)ething after a hard ride, something as simple as a PBJ and an Ilg Supreme will do me just right…and even keep pace with the ever highly charged Dewachen instead collapsing on the couch after a ride and watching Versus! kids. they’ll either kill ya, or keep you younger than you ever thought possible…
May this help get you out to a Start Line soon…
in whatever way that means for thee…

Blessed be thy sweat,

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