Practice Stats for April

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keeping the hips open while competing at podium levels in endurance sports at national levels…
not such an easy yoga is WF!
ilg in floating full lotus as captured by

If WF is about anything, it’s about cultivating a humble, yet practical and fiercely determined individual Personal Path which uses daily life as spiritual Practice.

note that i wrote “daily life” instead of merely fitness or sport performance...both of which are simply by-products from the intensely transformative lifestyle principles and teachings of WF.

unencumbered by fixations or attachments upon religious, political, racial, cultural, or even fitness affiliation, WF graces upon her practitioners a keen and ever-deepening sense of the Everyday Sacred. a simple click on any of our Path’s precious previous posts wipes away any sense of pretense, commercialism, or attachment to body-oriented fitness schemes which is pandemic during this apex in our Kali Yuga epoch.

i loved using ‘apex‘ and ‘epoch‘ in the same sentence just now.

ilg winced and had to breathe deeply when using ‘i‘ in the above sentence.

let ilg ask the far more intellectual Thee:
how does one write in public without using “I” or “me” or “mine”
when ones spiritual work is all about destroying, deconstructing, demolishing
“I” or “me” or “mine”

send your answers to me in the ever effervescent WF SanghaLounge: DL Cave.

thank you!

thighs and biceps still quivering in Sacred Sweatisfaction (yes, that is another ilg word) from an evening trail run/bouldering session within the pranic punchbowl known as evening Brahmamuhurti (the hour of God) on Animas Mountain.

as Grandfather skimmed His giving Light like a fatigued skipping stone across Ponderosa pine needles and still naked Gambel Oak limbs, ilg cavorted upon the silky sandstone boulders which have been my Blessed lifelong friend.
not as nimble, nor as strong as once ilg was,
the sweatisfaction
was as serene as a forward fold after a backbend at the end of an asana session.


ilg does not post these often, yet, ilg figgered that his Precious Sangha might be interested in how well i was able to keep my WF Practices intact during a month whereupon the intensely complicated energetics of moving into a new home with a 2 year-young, squeaking onto a podium without much specific training at all, beginning a new yoga program in a local facility, and having serious sewage issues rampage our new home, while attempting to launch an whole new vastly enhanced website (coming soon!).

well, my life is an open-book (hopefully helping others along the Higher Way, however feebly):
let’s see how ilg did:

strength training hours: 9.75

cardio hours: 36.75

asana hours: 36

meditation hours: 23.75

total calories: 52604 (average of: 1,753 kcals/day)

Podiums: 5th place AG; Sqauwker Stage Race: 6th in Time Trial, 9th in Crit, 6th in Road Race

how did your feeble coach stack up?
is ilg still walking his Talk after, uh, 3+ decades of going public?

if you’d enjoy having Coach in your Corner
either through Online Studies,
or a very cost-effective Coaching Retainer,
through a Membership at our soon to be released new Membership Only website;
you drop me an email…

and in the meanwhile: go(o)d luck keeping up with your feeble coach!

Give Me MultiDisciplined Fitness or Give Me Death!

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