click pic and see extensive footnotes for killer details…

what’s “on my mind*”?
asks the FaceBook Wizard each time ilg logs on.

ain’t it obvious for ALL of us?
layers and layers of avidya…

if my Mind was Clear/Enlightened,

NOTHING would be “on it”!

oh, and is it just feeble ilg or aren’t the most ‘basic’ yoga postures
extremely challenging after each hard mountain run or
strength training workout in the Iron Temple?

i mean,
do Studio Yogis ever regularly do any other fitness discipline that is contractive, for Buddha’s sake?

or…does doing intense, regular, contractive work somehow threaten their Attachment to ‘deep and impressively fluid’ yoga postures?
does not high intensity endurance work meet their notion of ‘yoga’?
is starting to sound a lot more like

photo: that’s Durangatang Nick Gould, fellow staff teacher at the Cave of Champions here in Durango…just one of several National Class cyclists and professional fitness trainers that have already found a deep friend within the chi of HP Yoga®and WF. Nick – a celebrated Expert/Pro Mountain Biker, who is a personal trainer turned onto HP Yoga and also a great DJ, is set to win the Durango Tri at DMR. the bikes in front of Yogi NG is Durango’s first Bicycle Parking Lot in front of Carvers Bakery (…one of the founders of Carver’s is Karen Carver, a WF Student from long ago; see WF Mealtime Cookbook). Kudos to Carvers Restaurant and the City of Durango who recently collaborated to replace one downtown parking spot with a bike rack that holds 14 bikes. Seeing as the City of Durango is funded primarily by revenue from sales tax, this will allow more tax-paying customers to conveniently park their bikes in front of this and other downtown businesses – all while reducing dependency on fossil fuels, alleviating congestion, reducing wear and tear on local roads, and promoting a healthy lifestyle!

* if “mind” is, as the Enlightened Ones concur, nothing more than a Great Mirror reflecting prakriti, then surely the question, “What’s On Your Mind?” becomes sophomoric and essentially useless (like most WordSpeak).

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