Dear Steve:
Just listened to “The Pain Guru”
It is totally awesome.
Ai Imawa…
Fit Kit
Vernon, Canada


click on pics below for enhanced chi hits…

First, CONGRATULATIONS to Ananda (Joy), my Beloved Partner and absolutely the most amazing m(om) for Dewachen…Joy is now teaching HP Yoga Slow Flow at the Durango Recreation Center each Tuesday morning from 7-8 am. Lucky, lucky Rec Center folks! So, all of you that are visiting Durango, you’ve got three weekly chances now to catch an HP Yoga® class…and, more coming! photo by ilg this morning of Dewa and Ananda.

so, where we live is right beside the Sacred River; the Rio De Las Animas Perdidas (the River of Lost Souls). a bike path goes right along the River in front of our h(om)e…nearly everyone is doing a double-take as they pedal or jog along and see something red in the middle of the rushing river…but..what could it be? ….look closer…

…hey, they didn’t call it the River of Lost Souls for nothing…this kayak is completely wrapped around a boulder…where is the kayaker?

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