My Precious Online Shishya PY has just returned from the h(om)eland. Below is an actual excerpt from our Online Training exchanges tonight. The photo above was taken by ilg during one of our shared workouts on the Sacred Peak of Doko Oosliid when i lived in Kinlani (Flagstaff, AZ). i have trained those those who seek to take Pilgrimage to Tibet, Nepal, Northern India for three decades. Inevitably, their Treks are unusually, auspiciously powerful.

Dearest Guruji:

sending you Healing Energy! your Effort to transcend pain Inspires and Humbles me.

as you know, we made it safely home today. the Trek was canceled on day 2 due to extreme blizzard conditions and avalanche hazard.
the Trip ended up being a road trip through the isolated parts of northern india that used to be Tibet (visiting the Oldest Monastery in India!)

as Gyalse Rinpoche says:

Planning for the future is like going fishing in a dry gulch;
Nothing ever works out as you wanted, so give up all your schemes and ambitions.
If you have got to think about something–
Make it the uncertainty of the hour of your death…

These were the last lines I read before the storm rolled in. Ha! That led to an interesting night…

more tomorrow, it is now time to sleep after 35 hours of continuous traveling.

with Boundless Love,
feeble py


Precious Wandering Yogini PY,

ilg loves Thee so much

your emails are as delicious as a raspberry lodged within vanilla ice cream…
your recent Pilgrimage will deepen the weeding of thy mind in the most svelte of Ways.

when we hear the word Attachment,
we tend to distort the pain of the Heart.

parenting; each moment can be a moment of madness or spiritual opportunity.
pilgrimage; too.

i gotta find that DL i did on your Gyalse Rinpoche quote which is a classic of my Heart; thank you.

ilg Felt that s(om)ething was gonna ‘end’ on your recent Pilgrimage.
it was the Trek!

Om Namah Shivaya!

ilg smiles at your non-capitalization of northern india below!

you are such my Sister!

now, what is “extreme blizzard conditions”
doesn’t ‘blizzard’ imply ‘extreme’?
“avalanche hazard”?
to whom?
not the snow!
ilg only asks as a veteran of many a winter blizzard and avalanches.

the Job is all the time,
witnessing It All, eh?

rest well…Noble Warrioress…

glad to have you back here on Turtle Island,

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