look closely at WF Warrior Leaf’s feet…you’ll see that Vishnu has illuminated the fact that he is wearing the Vibram Five-Fingers which i helped design many moons ago…long before barefoot running become yet another buzz word! click pic to enlarge.

Warrior Leaf (aka; Diné) sent this to me today:

here’s the best photo they had to offer it shows some heavy medicine.

that’s right, medicine, completely drenched in it.
that’s was the whole intent, to sweat beneath the majestic Flatirons.

got to admit the MAP has aided in crushing the ego lately.

just recently checked in on the Imogene pass run and i can’t believe its already filled!
snooze ya lose.

However, please give me some heads up on other local runs; such as the 10k run in Telluride from last year.

this saturday 6/5 i’ll be “hum-sah-ing” here at a local run.
there for sure will be some medicine pics.
send them as soon as i get some.


Congrats to Warrior Leaf at the Bolder Boulder!

note: speaking of BIG MEDICINE>>>me and Diné are working together on one of my life’s DreamSpeaks…more details to come…Dare to Dream, Scare yourself to realize them!

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