"There is no will…"

Published on Jun 15, 2010 by in Chi Hits, WF News

“There is no will.
There is only God’s Favor.”

– an unknown Christ-intoxicated fisherman who auspiciously
appeared to me at the remote Rio Chama Trailhead yesterday…

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sunrise; Heron Lake, New Mexico as seen from the 20′ pontoon…no wonder why Yogi Jesus was a fisherman…oh, and His Grace saw to it that my dad, my brother, and feeble ilg set the season record thus far for kokanee…

back from my pilgrimage…

coming this week on iDL;
• Heron Lake photo essay
• Devil Mountain: my 12-mile mountain bike uphill time trial
• WF Membership Only Website update
• and soooo much more to keep your Transpersonal, Wholistic onslaught toward Enlightenment
in tune with It All…

Blessed be thy sweat,

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