Instant Sartori…tossing a wildflower-holding Dewachen while doing Unweighted Squats at nearly 11,000′ yesterday at Andrew’s Lake. the WF Warrior knows that “Our Workout Is Everywhere!” click on the stunning photo by Ananda and tell me if you ain’t getting the Chi Transmission!


Thank you for the effort that has been put into preparing the Blessed Mala, I will be honored to wear it.

Thou I am not a formal on-line student, I have been a follower of your teachings for many, many years. I have passed on re-purchased your book The Outdoor Athlete many times.

For years I have been a seeker & follower of the wisdom found in the Buddhist & other New Age ways. I have always searched for the perfect rep/set…the melting of mind, body, heart & Iron. After watching & re-watching your Iron Temple Teachings DVD,
I am hoping to tap into it.

Las Vegas, NV

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