click on my phone pics below for enlarged Chi Hits…enjoy and may your next Sweat be empowering…

another go(o)d thing of Self Healing from spinal paralysis: an injured and way hematoma’d right hip ain’t gonna slow down this mountain yogi too long; top of Coal Bank Pass (10,640′)…the first of three within a 2-hour, 50k ride yesterday...listen to this to take your in-juries to the Other Side


sometimes ilg just reckons
that the people struggling to get fit or healed simply have forgotten HOW MUCH MORE FUN a wholistically fit Human can pack into say…2 hours; take yesterday for instance…

Big Molas Lake from the top of Molas Pass toward Silverton. to the left of the foreground pine is Kendall Mountain, which i’m supposed to race up in a few weeks…right now, my right leg can’t even take full bodyweight…hmmm…

in less than 2 hours i got to ride a most scintillating and beautiful 50 kilometers which covered 3 mountain passes, each of them over 10,600′. yeah; 3. average speed was 24.5 kph. vertical feet climbed was about 5,000′. max speed (did i mention FUN?) was a sizzling 77 kph. add to that the double Pranic Punch of immersed in that much high altitude pran coupled by that of merging into a heavenly Realm via the several hundred Sacred Mantra repetitions i used to inhabit a wonderful climbing rhythm…and…

too much FUN
being Wholistically Fit!

cuz then,
this morning i rode over to the Iron Temple
and knocked around some Iron element (elegantly of course)
in about 3x as fast/effective of a workout that the other warriors
were doing,
matched by this evening where i’m about to pedal off again to
throw down the Sacred Sweat in another dastardly fun HP PROP WORKOUT!

as our WF maturity grows,
courtesy of living the WF Lifestyle Principles,
the amount of fun we can pack into a 2 hour cardio workout or a 15-minute
gym workout or an asana session is just…


there is no God
than Sweat

Wholistic Fitness.

Challenging our weaknesses
since 1982

Blessings upon thy Sweat and Stillness,

your feeble ilg

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