click to enlarge: Box Canyon Falls, Ouray, CO… one of the most powerful Shakti vortex’s of Turtle Island’s southwest. this is ultimate Yin…you can see the waterfall gushing behind the vagina-like, sculpted granite crevice. photo by Ananda.

Hello Coach,

Hope all is well with you and your family. i know you are very busy but i value your opinion towards health and fitness related issues. i am supposed to get a crown on my tooth that contains metal. If it were you, would you get it??? any TAF about this would be greatly appreciated.

i have done some reading about this topic and the crown is made and supposed to be put on my tooth tomorrow. i don’t like the idea of metal toxins in my mouth. WHAT DO I DO??

Anyway, sorry if this is a weird question for you and i will not keep you anymore



Most Precious Warrior Vito,

reschedule the appointment.

checking with one of my bros who is a very accomplished peridontist.

oh, and don’t worry too much…ilg’s own teeth are chock full of mercury fillings that have been in my teeth since i was a punk.
well, i’m still a punk…i meant to say, when ilg was a teenager. the only side effects ilg has noticed from the mercury seepage into my
system is a nearly complete incapacity to remember anything.

then again,
that is kinda a Blessing…
it helps keep ilg
Here Now!


more info when i get it,

ps: i’ll tell you right now however, that keeping on the MAP Aminos, SUNRIDER Herbs Phase Two, and EMR will pretty much mitigate all toxicity within the cellular body; be it from fillings, environment, or anything else!

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