a word to the wise seekers of wholeness; use my monthly Practice Stats as inspiration, NOT as guidelines…i’ll even spot you my age and being a new daddy…my Message is wholeness; not competition. don’t try to compete with my Practice Stats just enjoy your own version of Wholistic Fitness® as she unfolds before your regular attempts at sweat and stillness…
self photo this morning of Dewa and Abba by Dewa and Abba.

Coach’s Practice Stats for June:

races: none – right hip healing from crash in May…didn’t dampen my Practice, only deepened it. to wit:

strength training hours:

cardio training hours:

asana hours:

meditation hours:

average calories per day:

note; Do NOT attempt to mimic these numbers on such a low caloric intake! i have been on SUNRIDER Herbs and MAP Amino Acids and Pranayama many, many years if not decades longer than you and you will get injured if you attempt to physically keep up with my numbers while on such low kcals per day!

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