Coach Ilg,

I wanted to share some things with you.

I have been training steadfastly for the last 3 years. Strength training, bike riding, trail running and yoga are weekly things. Meditation has become a nearly daily ritual. My copies of “The Winter Athlete” and TBT are dog eared.

I am not sure there are coincidences. This summer I have had two encounters during long bike rides where a hawk flew above and beside me for over a mile as I rode. Both of those encounters impressed me enough to make it into my journal and encourage me to research the role of the hawk as a messenger. Then, I was excited to see your recent post about hawk medicine. A couple of days after your hawk post, I was strength training outside when a hawk flew through my yard no more that 50 feet above the ground. As I said, I am not sure there are coincidences.

Along with this, I have been calling this Summer here in Indiana the Dragonfly Summer because dragonflies are everywhere. I have never seen this many in 49 years. I researched the dragonfly’s meaning. He is a harbinger of transition. Coincidentally, I wrote in my journal in early May that I felt like I was perched at a point of transition. I guess the Hawk and Dragonfly don’t want me to forget that.

That leads to tonight………

I did an hour of very good asana practice. I started, as usual with ½ Sun Salutes into my full Sun Salutes, Warrior 1 and 2, extended triangles, twisting triangles, extended angles and plow pose. I finished up in the corpse pose.

While I was in corpse doing pranayama, I experienced what I guess I would call a waking dream or a vision. It came to me spontaneously and played like a movie in my head. I was awake and sharply aware and focused through the whole thing.

I was standing in a dark hallway in front of a dark wooden door. In front of the door stood a sort of devilish “Hellboy” looking creature. He was wearing a broad shouldered, gangster type pinstripe suit. The door was slightly ajar and what was beyond the door was very dark and I felt there was the notion or question whether I should go in. The creature looked me in the eyes, shook his head as if to say “no you don’t belong in here” and walked into the door. As he shut the door, he smiled at me.

I turned around, and as I did, things became lighter. I was standing in a huge building with stone floors, walls and columns. In front of me was a large lobby with a very high ceiling that had stained glass skylights. The sun was beaming in. Across the lobby was an open set of double door that led into a beautiful library. I walked through it and out a french door that opened into a huge and well groomed lawn. There was a gazing pool. A tree lined road ran of toward forested mountains. A small river was off to my left with a dock.

I walked back into the building. In the second floor above the lobby, I could see open doors leading into large rooms. I walked back to the door where the vision had started. It was not there. In it’s place was simply stone wall. In a flash the stone wall turned into a door that opened onto a back lawn. I looked to my right, down the long hallway, and there stood my wife and three daughters.. They all were dressed in white dresses and looked happy and beautiful. I ran to them.

I felt a realization and clear message that the time for dark thoughts and negative energies is over. The path now is toward positive energy and joy. I realized that many of the things I have been studying- meditation, yoga, crystals, chakras, the universal laws of metaphysics- are not just to protect me and my family and help us deal with bad things, but are really a path of ancient knowledge to empower and bring positive energy and happiness to us. The law of cause and effect and the law of attraction work. You can draw good things to you by your thoughts, intentions and energy. As you do this, you are bound by the law of accountability and karma. You are also responsible for the effects of the energies you create. Looking at these studies as only ways to obtain protection or cope with the negative energy of life is wrong. These things are a path to higher understanding, empowerment and awareness.

What a workout! Who needs drugs? I am not sure this was what the Hawk and Dragonfly wanted me to be on the watch for, but it felt good and significant.

Anyway, I felt the need to share this. You get much of the credit for the path I am on, so I wanted to share it with you. Strange goings on here in the Heartland!

Enjoying the light coming on ……………………………….


student name withheld by request

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