They Ain’t Laughing Now…
i first wrote publicly about the physiologic, physical, and spiritual dangers of listening to headphones while exercising when “Walkmans” first became popular in the early eighties. Back then i was a columnist for Rocky Mountain Sports & Fitness. I wrote that listening extensively to blaring music piped directly into ears was a physiologic train wreck waiting to happen in the years to come. I also said that, physically, we are going to see a lot more ‘accidents’ occur out on the trails and roads as people, “addicted to listening to music instead of appreciating and developing their inner listening skills,” will become involved in car vs. pedestrian/rider crashes and trail rider crashes.

when the ingenious heads of Outer World technology invented the iPod® with their refined delivery system of ear-pods growing like lotus stems from an unimaginably small housing, i wrote, “…they call them iPods, right? Well, the ‘i’ stands for Ignorance,” and sure enough, today a national study released showed that an astonishing 1 in 5 teens now suffers from hearing loss due to – basically – an addiction to iPods.

Get Used To This Phrase; “Especially dangerous to those with compromised Immune Systems”
Hilariously sad. So, i guess like half a BILLION eggs are being recalled due to contamination with Salmonella. Get used to this. And, i love their warning which has, over the past several years become more of a trite disclaimer from conscious and responsible development, manufacturing, and distribution practices among our nation’s food suppliers; “Especially dangerous to those with compromised Immune Systems.”

Uh, have you SEEN the typical fat yet undernourished American?
Have you SEEN the statistics of our ‘health’?

Hate to tell you, however, most American’s DO HAVE ‘compromised Immune Systems’ owing to their addiction to junk and mass manufactured foods and beverages!

All these ‘new disorders’ and dis-eases ranging from ‘allergies’ to ‘restless leg’ to cancers are simply training effects from poorly nourished Immune Systems!

And you wonder why i and my faithful warriors who gleefully consume MAP Aminos along with the SUNRIDER Herbs haven’t seen the inside of a doctors office in decades and just keep cranking Higher and Far Beyond the reach of the common dis-orders and dis-eases of the mainstream?

Let’s see, latest figures for the cost of cancer – besides being the worlds top economic killer and well as the most likely leading cause of death surpassing AIDS, malaria, and the flu – reached $895 billion in 2008 according to a report from the Center for Global Development.

$895 billion?
Uh, that would certainly provide more than enough bottles of MAP Aminos and SUNRIDER Herbs for like every person on Earth for their entire lives.

Weird, how the Unawakened just don’t prioritize Regenerative, Preventive, Wholistic Health and Fitness until…well, it’s too late.

In Other Kali Yuga Head Shaking News…
Pro golfer Phil “Lefty” Mickelson probably earns the Kali Yuga demerit award of the month as he proudly announced that he is “turning vegetarian,” after his addiction to poor food choices has left him with a well-earned dis-ease along with his ‘weight problem.’ The downside is that Lefty, who could have swayed millions more than someone like feeble ilg can toward a more healthy, vegetarian-based nutritional intake, kept his vegetarianism in the closet so he would not negatively impact sales on his national junk-food, dis-ease inviting chain of highly profitable restaurants, Five Guys and A Burger* or something idiotic like that…

Om So Ti…

Blessings upon thy Practice this week

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Develop The Chi,
Live The Chi…
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*Men’s Health magazine claims that Five Guys’s meals are unhealthy.[8] A standard double patty burger, for example, contains almost 800 calories and 197% of the recommended daily saturated fat intake.[9] Men’s Health also rated Five Guys’s french fries as the 4th most unhealthy food in America, noting that a standard large order of fries contains almost 1,500 calories (but is said to feed 3-4 people).[10] The Center for Science in the Public Interest placed Five Guys’s bacon cheeseburger, which contains 920 calories, among its 2010 list of most unhealthy meals available at U.S. chain restaurants.[11]

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