“The tightness will not resolve by itself.
The pains, the aches, the lack of equanimity…
those are all beacons streaming from our Inner Lighthouse.

Feeble ilg says, Just Do The Practice
and Begin Again and Again, and Endlessly Again to

breathe into and release that which is restricting us.
Don’t ignore the Inner Lighthouse! Honor your Inner Light!”

– coach ilg
‘the broken back yogi’

Dear Coach,
Thank you so much for class last night.
Thank you so much, Im hungry for more yoga!
I felt like my body floating on the Pacific Ocean
with bluest of the bluest pearls all around me!
How does that happen? .. u have to let go ……… :

I felt like I was walking on air after class
and I felt like I lost 10 pounds,
I was definately more limber!
My friend and I walked for 2 hours after your class.
I even missed my chiropractor appt
that I am usually early for
because my neck is so stiff
that it is in need of readjustment twice a week.
And I usually sleep less than the required 8 hours
and so tired all the time,
but I slept more than 8 hours last night.
I think I love yoga now.
I cant wait for Monday evening.
I even dreamed i could kiss the clouds last night!

HP Yogini Student SL

Photo: Summits come in all shapes, sizes, and metaphors
for all of us! Dewachen summits a boulder during a hike
up the Engineer Pass Trail yesterday. photo by Joy. click to enlarge.

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