HP Yogi JVS; he’s on the MAP Aminos, he’s been flawless in consistently taking my HP Yoga classes at The Hub…he’s lost bucketloads of weight, and this Saturday, he toes the Start Line of one of America’s most intensely sacred mountain yogic pilgrimages available to any yogi worthy of the name; the Imogene Pass Run. He writes me tonight…

Mother Hen Ilg,
Resting comfortably in my recovery compression tights tonight. I’m glad I went to HP PROP tonight, it was my final “hum saah” before IPR.

My summer training has been an amazing adventure. Thank you for all of your support and guidance to get me to the start line this Saturday. I’ll keep the Sunrider herb system in mind as an option for my well being.

See you in Ouray.

as you instructed, I will “run with love.”

Mighty Nervous Mountain Yogi


photo by ilg; Mountain Yogi JVS getting it done weeks ago on the famed, Jones Creek Trail; early prep for IPR.

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