Dear Steve,
I’m a very beginning yogin, Cancer survivor, living with HIV(27 yrs) . Out of shape. But i’m telling you. I picked up your book a few years ago. And when i was at my lowest of my lows. Your book really intimadated me. But inspired me so much to LIVE. And to work at something. Thank you for that. You have no idea what it’s done for me.

Keep doing what your doing.

Much Love to you & yours,

Darryl Lim
San Francisco, CA

coach ilg notes:
here’s what i love most about this priceless missive to me…i LOVE the way Student Lim refers to himself as, “A very beginning yogi…” Yeah right. How much you wanna bet this “Very beginning yogi” is gonna kick yours and my asses to Enlightenment by at least 6 lifetimes!?!”
The Humble Shall Inherit Enlightenment, that’s what ilg says.

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