dat’s right:   i’ve been virtually off the bike(s) since placing in the top 20 AG of the Imogene Pass Run

and i’ve been fighting off an insanely powerful virus that has laid my two girls flat for five days;

yet,  when a four-event bicycle racing Championships occurs in my beloved hOMetown of Durango

which has more World and Olympic and National class athlete per capita than any other city in the US?

it’s a no-brainer for any Devoted WF Warrior:  you GOTTA TOE THOSE START LINES!

finish last place in a local Durango bike race?   you’d likely be on the podium of any other race in any other city (except maybe my ol’ hometown of Boulder, CO!)

so,  with a fraction of cycling-specific training compared to my competitors,  your faithful little yogi is going

to take the mark in 4 diverse cycling events this week:

  • Tuesday:  Mountain Bike Time Trial   (i pre-rode the course on Sunday:  yikes!)
  • Thursday:  Road Bike Time Trial (new daddy ilg has no fancy time trial bike nor even the time to inspect the course…double YIKES!)
  • Saturday: Road Race: 40 miles with a final climb of 2 miles at over 12%;  finish elevation:  7, 553′
  • Sunday: Criterium;  uh,  i haven’t even done a crit since, uh….the spring!

oh yeah…THIS is really gonna work…

for new daddies and yogis everywhere:

come Toe The Start Lines with me, okay?  i’ll need your HELP!

my girls have been sick for a week;  my training has been:  well…i’m gonna take the Noble Silence.

Follow my efforts right here on the internet’s most engaging place for mind/body/spirit training and inspiration!

head bowed and eating some pizza for tomorrow’s MTB Time Trial right now,

your feeble teacher

photo; ilg hammering…sadly, i’m only hammering to attempt to claw back toward the Leaders (never happened) during the Squawker Cycling Classic, this spring in Durango. pic by HP yogi RT

4 Responses to “(Free) Coach To Compete: 4-Day Mountain and Road Bike Championships!”

  1. Ken Doyle says:

    Dear Coach, WOW what a week! Best of luck. What kind of PIZZA? You’re the best. Love Kendo.

  2. coach says:

    some horridly healthy-for-you ‘pie’ that tastes like cardboard. next time: Dominoes delivered, baby. Flat crust.
    raining like Seattle; am wondering if this is going to be a muck-fest…
    head bowed, miniscule ilg

  3. Brad Gantt says:

    Awesome Coach! Have fun!!!

  4. coach says:

    Hum…SAAH, baby! thanks, bro!

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