Photo; Multi-time State Nordic Champion coach ilg, ramping up for snow season on East Animas Road yesterday. Pic by Vishnu.

#10) Cuz it cuts up your thighs, calves, abs, intercostals,  butt, lats, and delts like NOTHING else can while burning twice as many calories as lower body specific endurance activities!

#9) Union-carbide road ski pole tips gives you the upper hand against omnipotent chasing dogs, paparazzi, bears, serial murderers, etc.

#8) Skillful technique ratchets up Wholistic Fitness™ Lifestyle Principle #2 like very few cardio activities.   Lack of constant mindfulness = Road Rash!

#7) Wear your helmet!

#6) Keeps your heart rate  in that deliciously doable upper Zone 2…until a hill (up or down!)!

#5) Cuz putting on ski boots in October’s warmth just gets the Nordic Blood juiced!

#4) See #7

#3) What truly wholistic athlete does NOT want to enhance subtle locomotive kinesthesia, abdominal and lower back strength, rotary trunk power and endurance, cardio fitness, power chain musculature (legs, hip, and back), dharana, ALL AT ONCE!

#2) Cuz roadies that pass you don’t give you any “roadie attitude” finally because they KNOW they ain’t coordinated enough to Roller Ski! (also; the ski poles with above mentioned union-carbide tips could do easy damage to their $3k wheelset!)

and the Number Reason why RollerSkiing Does Not Suck …

#1) Cuz it feels like mind/body/spirit poetry in motion … and it’s FUN!   (Hard as hell, but fun!)

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2 Responses to “(Free) Top Ten Reasons Why RollerSkiing Does Not Suck”

  1. Leferisen John says:

    Rollerskiing and Yei’ be’ Chei’ ceremonies have begun. there is a parallel to each. Believe the “hum-sah” mantra is the theme song for each.

  2. coach says:

    you got dat right, Diné!!!

    those ain’t ski poles…they are Warrior Swords!

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