below, i field an Actual Training Question from an Online Student on the undeniably critical Life Force-enhancing technique of Mula Bandha…a requisite attainment for all those who seek Awakened Life Force and resultant Insights…

padma pranayam

demonstrating appropriate posture for development, enhancement, and refinement for Mula Bandha.   note the obvious engagement of Uddiyana Bandha through the midsection and of Kantha Bandha (aka; Jalandhara Bandha or throat lock).   sincerely,  i would say it took me close to 2 decades just to attain the above physical posture to begin the inner work appropriately and safely.  Things Take Time in genuine yogic fitness.   pace thyself.  Teachings like the below might just be Astral Seeds for your next lifetime.  point is:  hang in there and do the (inner) workouts.


Most Noble Mountain Guru,

today’s Practice went as follows:

  • EMR
  • one hour of bike machine, the last minute and a half of which was at Zone 3.
  • Wandering Yogi Asana Routine

my question tonight:

during Surya Bhedana, is the flexing of Mula Bandha centered around the navel or the groin?


humble yogi ic


Most Precious Shishya,

first of all, great job on the indoor cardio; that ain’t easy!

also, ilg congratulates you on your abhyasa with the Wandering Yogi Asana sequence, that will surely pry open the hips and elongate thy spine; preparing your body/mind for sustained pranayams and meditation.

re: Surya Bhedana Pranayam:

first: if you don’t have my Mula Bandha MP3,  get it.

enclosed is an illustration of the Mula Bandha anatomy.

ilg wishes for you to focus upon the ischiocavernosus muscle (left and right) and the superficial transverse perineal muscle.

having said that, please understand that Mula Bandha begins as an anatomical development, matures into an engaged component for meditation,  and eventually re-fines herself as a subtle anatomical ‘trampoline’ for the prana-apana-vayu (downward flowing Life Force) to rebound upward toward Prana-vayu in the subtle terrain of Manipurna and Anahata chakra.

head bowed,

insignificant ilg

NOTE TO MEMBERS:   for purposes of this Teaching,  i have included both male and female illustrations of the anatomical Mula Bandha.   i’ll be happy to field questions within the SanghaLounge;  Yoga Chamber.

mula men

mula women

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  1. Leferisen John says:

    most excellent, always had a general idea of the region that i was to be focusing on, just wasn’t sure. now with an exact drawing i can deepen the concentration. ahe’ hee’ !

  2. coach says:

    got MULA?!??!

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