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There ain’t NUTHIN’ more joyful than opening that big box of SUNRIDER Herbs come these autumn days!  i’ve personally used these herbs since 1983 and even with a pre-schooler, i’ve not only walked through…i’ve trained and taught through, 8 illnesses over the past several months; sometimes processing them in less than several hours!  just TRY putting a price on that! photo today by ilg

From our AMAZING Upline Director;  Trish

(Note to Sangha; i’ve also placed this in the SR Chamber in the SanghaLounge):


If you’ve never tried the Strawberry Vitashake in warmed chocolate soy milk – you are missing out! This is one of my favorite chilly morning beverages and of course adding in some Quinary & SunnyDew makes it fantastic!
And, now the Strawberry Vitashake is available in 10 packs with all the same great taste & ingredients. The new 10 pack makes it easy on the pocketbook and simple to share.
New Product code :5599052015
Retail: $20.00
Ten Packs of Chocolate Vitashake will be available sometime in November, so be watching for that release, too.

SR IBO Membership Requirements

I realize that there have been many changes to the SR compensation and marketing plan in the past. And, I also realize that many of you are not involved within the business building aspect of Sunrider – however, the purchase requirements to maintain the current IBO membership is the same as those who are building a business.
The requirements are very simple and much like it was a few years ago – all you need to do to ensure you have the deepest discount is to personally purchase $100 worth of products in a single month – every six months.
This is actually a better plan than before, because your purchase is based on a dollar value, not SV value.
These changes were put into affect July of 2010, and all IBOs, who had been inactive, were given a new six month window for 2010 to reach their $100 monthly requirement. That window will close in December. If you have not made a $100 product purchase in a single month by then, your IBO membership will become that of a VIP Customer & you will only receive a 10% discount instead of the 20% you now have.

VIP Customer Requirements

VIP Customers were also given a year to remain active by accumulating $200 in retail value during 2010. Which means that you have until December 31,  2010 to reach that $200 figure.
Why keep your VIP membership active? It gives you a 10% discount on your product purchases, and helps you build forward towards an IBO membership, too.
If you are not sure what your membership anniversary date is or dollar amounts are, shoot me an email at pjchilders@artelco.com or you can call Sunrider Reps at 310/781-8096 and they can give you that information.


Patricia Childers

SR Business Leader

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