Namaste Coach Ilg!

Love the new website….especially the blog integration!

thank you for touching base…currently i have been consuming MAP with the HCG to reduce an abundant amount of bodyfat that i had packed on over the past few years & was at my heaviest of 218.

i’ve lost 27 lbs/15″ & 3% BodyFat since June.

Starting last Nov.  I was focusing on MAP with Strength Training and Cardio and reduced BodyFat by 10.2% with 14.25″ lost and no weight loss with noticeable muscle definition.

my skin & hair look very healthy and have received comments on both.


Master Student S

Indianapolis, IN

the weight slowly came on over 4 years and when i began visiting the Iron Temple again in Nov. ’09 consistently 3x’s a week i was going from the imbalance of working too much and not moving enough, so the BF % dropped quickly based on simply moving more and the ST.  i realize that it is harmful to go up and down, its’ a continued dance for me & running a business is much harder to keep the balance than it ‘appears’ to be, as  you well know.  my intentions this past year were to keep the balance of running a business and moving more, eating less & healthy choices.  after 7 months of continued effort in the gym and not budging much on the weight, it became a motivation issue to keep going and yes, i know it was all about the Ego….so for me, it was harmful to not see and feel results to keep me motivated.



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  1. Toby Leeson says:

    Wholistic Fitness is like a good wine. It tastes great right away, but it takes years to fully mature and reach its full potential. Keep doing the do, and never give up, never. And don’t forget to have a few glasses of good wine along the way. The results will come, and stay, if you keep doing the do. Namaste, wt

  2. coach says:

    WF is to standard personal training
    What a quality _______ is to cheap wine.

    note: ilg’s answer: Pinot Noir…

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