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Hi there,

my name is christian, from Germany. A friend of mine showed me the “whole body transformation” program, and i want to start to do it soon. I am into strength training and cardio a long time, and meditation since a year or so. I find the whole programm appealing.

I have a question regarding the strength training. I have spend some money within the last year on equipment to do strength training at home. Now looking at the Green tara programm, there are some exercises that i dont have the equipment for. I want to ask how i could replace them with adequate exercises.

I have a stationary chin up bar, an adjustable chin up bar, a long bar, dumbells, fitness rubber bands, and weights up to 10kg. Also a medicine ball, physio ball and a bench.

How can i substitute Leg extensions, Leg curls, leg presses on the machine?

I am thinking about doing Curls and extensions with those fitness rubber bands, but i cant think of an exercise for the leg press.

Can i substitute bench presses with push ups?

thanks a lot,



Gooden Tag Christian!

thank you for your kind words…your English is fantastic!

you’ll probably have to use the rubber bands to mimic the leg extensions and leg curls. you won’t get the same results, however, a little is better than none.

leg presses…that’s tougher. unless you talk your friends into climbing on top of your feet and you pressing them and down! seriously, i’d probably suggest doing some Front Squats or Hack Squats using your long bar instead of the Leg Presses.


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