Yogis – traditionally – are intensely apolitical.

that’s because they’ve blown through the delusion of how things seem, and Realize that it is only by developing oneself we can truly help others.  Rumi comes to mind:

Apparent shapes and meanings change. Creature hunts down creature. Bales get unloaded and weighed to determine price. None of this pertains to the unseen fire we call the Friend.

did your father really have to ‘teach’ you to be angry?

or did you just Intuit his anger through his Vibration, Movement, and Sound?

or, perhaps, it was your mother?

or, your mother and father?

or, whomever Cared for you?

you See, Noble Ones Along The Path of Awakening,  politicians govern.  their wish is to, in a sense, parent us.

our politicians should be sages.  wise ones.  Ones Who Meditate and Practice.


It might just be that i am a Yoga and Fitness Teacher, however…this years political arena nearly left the ever optimistic ilg with a pensive head and heavy heart.  The unprecedented multi-media forms of mean-spirited jabs and outright verbal fisticuffs really made it hard for me to even want to vote, let alone inspire my students and friends to do the same. After one public attempt to inspire my friends to vote, the only response I fielded was, “What for?” Sad thing?    that narrow minded phrase became like a Zen koan for me.  “What for?”

The campaigning (cramp-paining) got to the point where if even one politician would have mailed me his or her flyer on at least recycled paper? I probably woulda voted for them!    As it were, the cramp-pain season seemed not more than muck-slinging and infighting served by a flock of “experts”  whose actions taught us and our chi-ldren not the open-souled and generous doubt that wise ones assured us was necessary for testing and proving the worth of a society, rather further instilled a destructive form of doubt that left us little to believe in, little to trust in, and nothing of integrity to live by.

In the future, may the true Leaders be those who are also Practitioners and thus arise.

feeble ilg

photo by Ananda;  ilg bouldering at Mt. Elden near Flagstaff, AZ during an ilg outdoor tri-workout (cycling, bouldering, running)

3 Responses to “Climbing Higher – ELECTION SEASON, 2010”

  1. Kevin Burnett says:

    Aaaaamen to that.

    Here in CA where the race for Governor consumed more than $200m it was hard not to consider the whole thing a complete waste of time and energy.

  2. coach says:

    Bro Dude..
    consider it done….instead of the Way it ‘should be’ which is ONE!

    Aaaargh to your Aaaamen!

    hey, look what the politicians did to Yogi JC! oh, the actions of the unAwakened, Non-Practitioners!!!

    co-miserating with Thee,

  3. Leslie Hutchinson says:

    To the WF tribe ; I agree that this “election” cycle was as dispirited as any I have participated in. I woke up on Wednesday and had a ache in my head and in my heart. I did, however, find this piece by the venerable journalist Bill Moyers ” Welcome to the plutocacy.” Reading this was an aha moment for me and I would suggest that you read it. You can access it through google Bill Moyers; Howard Zinn Speech or you can go to a great website Truthout and find it there. LH

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