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i’m pulling out some stops and traveling to the other side of the world to take part in the world rogaine (24 hour orienteering) championship. my teammate and i did well together at the big muddy rogaine earlier this year in oregon (actually on sri rajneeshpuram’s old ranch).

after 15 hours or so on the go, and in the middle of the night, attempting to make sense of how the earth is lying under one’s feet and searching for a little flag hanging in the bush, wholistic fitness principles of focus, mindfulness and perserverance come to the fore.

thanks for the inspiration. i look forward to your teachings.

– Mike Wilke

photo: Student Wilke during a run/hike in the santa catalinas outside tucson, catching his breath in front of the ephemeral bridal veil (yet another) falls in esperero (hope) canyon.
NOTE:  there is a spot open for a new WF Online Student next month;  sponsorship possible to any warrior that spots this hidden offer!  email me directly at steve<at>wholisticfitness<dot>com

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  1. Elizabeth Ynez-Tulsen says:

    I spotted it…darn too late…oh poor me :)!!

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