6.75 hours of Strength Training

43.75 hours of Cardio

36.5 hours of Asana

29.5 hours of Meditation/Prayer

1685.5 = average number of calories per day


4.5  hours of Strength Training

44  hours of Cardio

41.5  hours of Asana

22.25 hours of Meditation/Prayer

1722 = average number of calories per day

October Cardio Attainments:  won the “C” Category of the DWC Championships while working for Miguel to win the “B” Championships (Road Cycling)
October Cardio Diversity:

Ran: 3x
Roller: 2x
CC: 12x
RR:  5x
XC skied/snowshoed: 2x

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  1. Toby Leeson says:

    Coach, you rock. See my post in the Lounge.

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