Good Morning Coach,

Our office phone is a cell phone and Konryu used it to download your latest webinar/lecture.Recently I was sitting at the desk and I heard a rustling sound, then I heard a voice say “Namaste“.

I looked around to see where the voice was coming from. Since the ringer was off, I *thought* it could not be the phone, but when I looked at it, I saw that there was an incoming call.

I answered the phone and thought nothing of the strange “Namaste” until it once again occurred.

I then realized that somehow, your beautiful “Namaste” greeting had somehow replaced the irritating and jarring ring of the office cell phone.

It was not on done on purpose. Perhaps it happened on purpose.

I have to tell you now that every time I am around the phone and I hear your gentle “Namaste“, it reminds me to smile, breathe and be present .

Enjoy your day,


(coach’s footnote: Student Patricia has Seen the Light of WF since, well…a Looong time ago.  Everytime i ring the Temple Gong?  she answers. thank you, Most Treasured Student P!)

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