Can you say, “YEAH BABY!  Only thing betta than coming home after a Family Thanksgiving is coming home to 3′ of fresh!  Today, up at my treasured gem of the San Juans; Purgatory at Durango Mountain Resort.

Yesterday. Cuba, New Mexico:   i met a young mother and her 8 month-young chi-ld.  I had Dewa on my hip, as we waited for what i knew from previous experience was going to be one of those knock-u-down-2-ur-knees authentic northern New Mexico homemade meals*.  As the initial splay of the red chili smothered enchilada spread across my tongue’s taste buds, ilg was transported to that Heavenly Realm known only to those who know what i’m attempting to describe right now.  There’s AUM….and then there is Northern New Mexico cuisine YUM!

The chi-ld’s name, i discovered, was, “Journey.”  Native American.  How go(o)d of a name is that?  Journey.  Dewachen and Journey matched up with as much unique veracity as were their respective namesakes.  They checked each other out in only the Way the Young Ones can.  Their communication was as exquisite as the white-out snow upon the ski hill today…


It’s a funny thing, ain’t it?

You and i Here Now,  again?

Beginning Again and Again, and Endlessly Again until Enlightenment?

See, according to the Ancient Enlightened Ones?  You and i have been attracted toward one another for lifetimes – not unlike the way Moth Beings are attracted indiscriminately toward the Light…at whatever the cost.

According to the Ancient Enlightened Ones, you and i – at whatever Level – have reConnected in this particular Dharma Vehicle known as the Internet, due to our past karma.

We still – you and i – have Work to do.

The work we have to do?  Is Wholeness.  And, there are 3 pivotal aspects that we need to recognize about our continual Journey Higher.

The most common question ilg gets asked by those New to my Path is typical;  “How soon can I expect results?”

Boy, could i go off on that one…and i shall, on an upcoming Kiva Talk…for now, however,  let me say this much;  some individuals experience results from my style of wholistic training immediately…while others need to re-create some basic foundational awareness sensors before they begin to notice much difference.

Let me explain;  cancers lie like a lady in waiting for a long time before overpowering most immune systems.  If you have practiced well and have learned how to Listen to your body and mind through meditation?  You’ll know precisely where you need to focus your work.  Others, not so inwardly tuned, will resort to a doctor.  And,  well, you know how that trip goes.  Medical intervention accounts for the second leading cause of death in the United States.  My counsel?  Eat SUNRIDER herbs, take your MAP amino acids, and stay tuned right here to Wholistic Fitness™.  if you are not already an Online Student?  Do so soon…or at least remain a Member and feast upon the rich rainpour of the WF SanghaLounge and the jewels of the Archived Teachings.  Get to work on the 4 Basic Programs outlined in TBT and Live The Path.

Here are the Three Wholistic Realizations Which Must Flower In Your Heart:
#1: Know That Wholistic Fitness™ Works As Fast As Is Appropriate To You…It Does Not Work Slowly!
You may come to me eager to lose weight.  Yet, i and your body know that something else is more important.  We may, in the meanwhile, think that nothing is happening while really, at that cellular foundational level, VERY many vital things are lining themselves up, like dominoes.  Fact is,  i and your body are progressing you at the rate appropriate to your safest and highest level.  Be open to subtle changes, this is what ilg says to you.  Be content to adapt at your body’s pace, not your ego’s pace.  Learn to trust your intuitive wisdom; for ultimately, that is what you’ll need in the Bardo.

#2: Sudden Shifts Happen. You’ve all seen the bumper sticker and it speaks Truth:  Shit Happens.  If ilg could magically and omnipotently edit all those bumper stickers?  i’d have it read:  “Shi(f)t Happens.”  The job of our body is to maintain balance within while our outside sensors and environments experience radical fluctuations.  Today, i drove Bala up to the ski hill, a few thousand feet higher than our home in  Durango.  The sudden shift from lightly snowing to radical whiteout conditions occurred within 20 minutes from home.  Listen yogis:  the more dramatically our external circumstances fluctuate, the harder our bodies must work to keep our internal environment stable.  As i rode the chairlift up to nearly 10,000′ with a wind chill that produced a temperature of -10, you can only imagine how thankful ilg was for my decades of staying true to the Herbs, the MAP Aminos, and most importantly, the internal practices of WF such as EMR.  i felt comfortable and at ease with the blistering cold.  When we improve our internal environment, we actually re-organize our molecules so that we stabilize at a much higher vibrational frequency than non-Practioners.

#3: Impatience Slows The Higher Work. The whole point of Wholistic Fitness™ is to shift our body, mind, and spirit to far Higher Levels then can be accessed through other forms of personal training. If we do not trust in the Path, or in me as ‘leader’ of the Path, we can become less discerning.  If we lose Faith in the Proven Path,  we will only notice dramatic changes, when actually, our wholeness shifts in subtle ways, safe to our capacities.  Such subtle changes guide us toward wise discrimination in our workouts, foods, and ways of being.  If our anxiety causes us to miss such subtle messages?  We will not get the most from a most valuable ally of our current incarnation;  our relationship with our Wholistic Fitness™.

What is life?

Life is a dream…a dream of unity.   And only one can tell its authenticity;  you!

Train wholistically,
Speak wholistically,
Sit wholistically,
Eat wholistically,
Be wholistic.

Live Clean:  Wholistic Fitness™…. A Proven Path Toward Wholeness Since 1982

head bowed,

spirit vowed,


* El Bruno’s Restaurant, Cuba, New Mexico.  You tell Senora Herrera that i sent you.  The Herrera’s Enchilada Special is to die for.

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  1. eyt :() says:

    Namaste e c – can we get a ‘like’ button on these here reply boxes, please, to tick or add a smiley? can’t say anything more – just likey :) nice!!!

  2. Monty Mason says:

    thanks so much for this packed teaching. your clarity is staggering.

    if i may interject my thoughts regarding on line training. i have just completed my 4th month of training and from my perspective the results begin at the application process. for those who might be considering, take this advice from a current student, APPLY, you may or may not be accepted right away. you will grow from coaches care in the application process. you will never experience this path fully if you sit back and watch. Toe the start line!

    one on one interaction in formal study with ec will far exceed your expectations of any fitness trainer on the planet.

    the longer you sit and wonder the longer you will wander.

    nameste warriors,


  3. coach says:

    Shishya ETY: oh yeah, like right. like coach is REALLY gonna let you have the EASY WAY out?! hell no! you gotta actually TYPE your Metta, around this Throwback-To-The-Ancient-Ones Temple! Just remember, new One To This Path; typing is easier than pictographs!

    Shishya MM: my Clarity is Staggering? my Avidya is what staggers me! thank you though and 10,000 x 10,000 Blessings for your bravery to share the Light of this humble, powerful Path!

    rever-(the)-end ilg

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