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Coach Ilg is the nation’s leading affiliate for MAP Amino Acids…”Attaining and maintaining a positive nitrogen balance is a pivotal part of my success and that hundreds of my students.  MAP Amino Acid Pattern is ideal for yogis who want to cut out or cut down on flesh eating, and it’s pretty much vital for those interested in long-term sport performance and health.” – Coach Ilg.   Below Coach receives yet another MAP success story from an ailing warrior, now crankin’ due to MAP.   To learn more and to order MAP and receive Coach’s complimentary counsel;  visit Coach Ilg’s MAP Link


Hello Coach,

Well, it is day 7 and I have followed your instructions to the letter, 6 MAP Amino Acid caps, 3 x/day, on an empty stomach. I am noticing that I do not have the feeling that I am hanging from my joints as much. I felt strong during last week’s yoga class.

I have not needed any aspirin, NSAID, Tylenol or anything else, as my pain has diminished considerably…my elbows are still sore but not unless they are palpated.

I am sleeping better and pooping better.

To sum it all up, I feel more solid. And, as I said before, its all good!

I will await your next set of instructions.



Coach Responds:

Most Precious W

well done!

the Path works, when one works the Path!

you can now cut back to {personalized intake description}.

steadfast consistency is now the ticket.

welcome to what a Positive Nitrogen Balance feels like!  continue daily intake for 3 more weeks, then let me know; we’ll take 3 Days Off the MAPS entirely at that point before resuming.

keep me updated as desired between now and then


head bowed,

coach ilg

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