ilg running homolovi

pic by Bill Benzel:  Coach Ilg cranks toward a Native American Indian Running Podium at the 2008 Homolovi Suvoyuki, Hopi Nation.


thanks so much for this packed Teaching:    (Shi(f)t Happens…first day of alpine skiing….
Published on Nov 28, 201).

your clarity is staggering.

if i may interject my thoughts regarding WF online training. i have just completed my 4th month of training and from my perspective the results begin at the application process. for those who might be considering, take this advice from a current student, APPLY, you may or may not be accepted right away. you will grow from coach’s care in the application process. you will never experience this path fully if you sit back and watch. Toe the start line!

one on one interaction in formal study with ec will far exceed your expectations of any fitness trainer on the planet.

the longer you sit and wonder the longer you will wander.

nameste warriors,


coach’s note:  NSMM is the Tribal Nickname for astonishingly perceptive New Student Monty Mason. ilg feels you will all hear MUCH more from this WF Devotee!

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