It was Dewa who spotted this magnificent setting of Grandfather yesterday evening…Ananda was quick enough to capture it…given our Teachings this week,  this photo reMinds ilg and Moves ilg to the understanding that just because we may not yell or scream or cuss or drink or whatever,  doesn’t mean we don’t have Work to do with Anger…these clouds in Father Sky as we discussed this week reMind me that even passiveness equals anger…it’s just not acted out.   the following five adorable Dewa-filled photos and my captions are sync’d up perfectly with our Teachings in the SanghaLounge and here this week…may we all Benefit…Can’t you just feel a celestial MIGHT within those beautiful Cloud Sisters in the pic above?!  Conduct thyself in the manner of Father Sky and just let come what may come, and let go what goes.

jake and deh

Look out for these two…that’s Jake on Dewa’s right.  Jake (5) and Dewa (3) appear to be a Match Made In Nirvana…more on this as the years roll by…Blessed Be All Chi-ldren and May all our Chi-ldren know, feel, and live Love, Love, Love!  picture taken at the Christmas Tree Lot run by Jake’s m(om); Carrie who has turned into Ananda’s new BFF.  All these Tree Beings, so beautiful, are farmed.  Oh, the quote of the week from Dewa came today while nursing on Ananda…she suddenly shook herself off the nip, did a fairly impressive abdominal crunch while in Ananda’s arms, looked at me, and asked, “Do boobies have bones?”

tree clan

Oh, here is the whole Christmas Tree Lot Gang:  L-R: Jake, Ananda, Dewa, and Jake’s little sister; Gracie (3).  Gracie and Dewa and Jake are like the Tres Amigos!

a dad head

this is Dewa’s first portrait of Abba (me).  how perfect is this?  my little live-in Rinpoche captured me in a meditation posture…yet, with my HEAD…my EGO…my Ahamkara…CUT OFF!   hell, i’ve been meditating now for three decades trying to do what Dewa candidly did in a flicker of a second;  “Ilg;  Cut Off Your Head (thinking/rationalizing/opinionating/judging, etc)!!!  perfect Dharma Shot!   Thank you, Rinpoche Dewachen!

a when in doubt

When in Doubt?  DOWN DOG!    Gracie and Jake.

a new tree

Abba bringin’ hOMe the Tree Being…Dewa picked out this beautiful Tree Being and promptly named her;  “Saleem” after Her current Matchbox car of the month favorite.

a sunset

How beautiful did Ananda capture this evening Brahmamuhurti?   you can nearly Sense the veracity within the Pranic dipping of Grandfather…if this shot does not move thy willingly into padmasana and the desire to Sit Still and Enjoy The Silence, then, perhaps,  you know what?  Another Fitness Path – and there are many these Kali Yuga Days! – is more appropriate for thee.

The power of mind is in fact limited. Why?  Because of mis-training and mis-use.  A Warrior is not able to succeed in Meditation because, in spite of perhaps honorable effort, we spend waaaay too much mental energy – in large measure – in chronic overthinking of stupid, confused, clouded thoughts.   This very energy could well be used for making Meditation – thus our Spiritual Journey – successful.

head bowed,

know nothing ilg

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