Ilg on Elden Mountain

Here is another fantastic discussion going on in the WF SanghaLounge right now, ignited by WF Student Luke Marney…do NOT miss it, including my own facilitation of the discussion.  Photo; ilg poised and pitted within a Moment of Intertia on a boulder problem, Elden Mountain, AZ.  photo by Ananda.

Submitted in the WF SanghaLounge by WF Student Luke:   Fellow WF warriors,

Let me first explain what I mean by moment of inertia (the term is borrowed from physics). I don’t know what term WF would use to refer to this.

Its the resistance you can sometimes feel (psychologically and physically) in that first down-dog, or right before deciding to get out a mat and do some yoga, or right before tying your shoes for a run, or right when I get up in the morning and ask whether I will cardio commute or not.

It’s doubt, but not logical doubt, because I KNOW that getting on my bike for my commute is good for me and I feel amazing during it and afterward. It should be a no brainer. So why do I have to use my brain! I still feel that small hesitation before riding (especially in rainy Seattle during the winter–brrrr!). This feeling seems to get stronger with monotony and fatigue. And in moments of inspiration, it doesn’t exist at all! Its what the lazy in us uses to say “why don’t you just take a nap, wouldn’t that be nice?”.

From Practice, I know that every-time I breathe through these feelings of resistance and get conscious about the activity and dig into the activity, it becomes the sweetest thing I could be doing and it seems as if there shouldn’t ever actually be a choice in it or not.

My meditative question is: Why does resistance exist at all? Why does some resistance require immense chi and will power to get through, while others doesn’t? Why does zazen have the most intense feelings of resistance with it, even after establishing a regular practice? That zafu is SO HEAVY sometimes!




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