GP Squats

A classic WF movement detailed in the “Bible for Outdoor Athletes,”…gotta LOVE that lycra and hairstyle!

hi coach,
i did miss a question when I was reviewing my new online training program?
i don’t know exactly what “GP Squats” are and have not found the definition in Total Body Transformation anywhere.
direct me to it if you will!
much thanks,
New Student MM

Coach Responds:

Ah Precious One!   Yes, you’ll need to dig a little deeper into the ilg Body Of Work to uncover the shining exercise of GP Squats!   If  you have a copy of the “Bible of Outdoor Athletes”…my first book The  Outdoor Athlete (1985),  then just turn to pages 182-183 (see above).   GP stands for Grand Plié as in ballet.  This fantastic movement is often excruciatingly delightful when used in a superset or triset situation in the Iron Temple such as:

Perform the following Triset for 3x for WF Rookies, 4x for WF Warrior Students, and 5x for WF Master Students:

a) Leg Extensions for a Staccato Technique™ into:

b) Narrow Stance Back or Hacke Squats for a 3-Stage Technique™ into:

c) one minute of GP Squats using Staccato Technique™.  recover for 5 Ujjayi Breaths, repeat.

Can you say, “GOD I LOVE WF!!!”

I integrated GP Squats into the WF System because i knew that most endurance athletes are really suffocating tremendous hip chain power,strength, and balance by ignoring external hip rotation and creating instability at the hip/knee/ankle articulations by ignoring such beautiful and vital hip tie-in muscles such as the elegant sartorius (the longest muscle in the body) and the gracilis complex.  Training with GP Squats cures all of this.

To perform, the simple picture below will appeal to your intuitive wisdom.   Be prepared for screaming thighs and very odd looks from the common Iron Temple practitioners…then again,  WF Warriors?  We are used to the peculiar looks cast our way by the common man!  So Be It…and SQUAT, baby!


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  1. eyt :() says:

    Are the pants optional, coach?! Very Kajagoogoo!! :() x

  2. eyt :() says:

    Are the pants optional, coach?! Very Kajagoogoo!! :) x

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